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Sharon Nakagawa
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More Class Lessons for Early Reading Success 2000

Whale Facts
Students will utilize basic punctuation skills, capitalization, and spelling knowledge to compose

complete sentences in a paragraph. The format of Margaret Wise Brown's - THE IMPORTANT BOOK will be used as a pattern. Information on whales recorded on a KWL chart will be synthesized in the writing. Students will complete their final product on KidPix software.

Grade Level: 1,2

Curricular Area:

Class Time Required:
20-30 minutes (Estimated)

Writing experiences which establish and refine correct punctuation, spelling, and coherence will

address the needs of my students. This lesson is designed to focus upon LA 6 for Written Language Convention (LA6 1.1, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, and 1.8).

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Learning and Teaching Activities:
Activities and skills required and established or completed previously for students' background of this lesson include:

1) A working knowledge basic computer skills and of KidPix software.

2) A series of "read-alouds" followed by discussions of book content.

3) A KWL chart completed with facts generated by students from book knowledge gained and past experiences.

4) Familiarity with the pattern of - THE IMPORTANT BOOK.

This lesson will focus on the portion where students complete text for their project using Kidpix. Clear expectations will need to be set so that students understand that is the only portion they are to do at this point. Pictures will be added subsequently.

The final product with text and pictures will demonstrate student capabilities in using basic writing conventions as outlined in the standards.

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Outcomes and Assessment:
Students will demonstrate the ability to summarize information drawn from assorted texts and present them in a clear, coherent report. This writing assignment may be evaluated using a three point rubric.

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Materials Needed:
* THE IMPORTANT BOOK by Margaret Wise Brown.

* Previously created KWL chart

* KidPix

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Resource 1
  • Resource: KidPix
  • URL/Publisher: The Learning Company
  • How Used: Students create their finished product using this software.
Resource 2
  • How Used: Writing pattern/frame
Resource 3
  • Resource: Dear Mr. Blueberry by Simon James
  • URL/Publisher: Aladdin Paperbacks
Resource 4
  • Resource: Baby Beluga by Raffi
  • URL/Publisher: Crown Publishers, Inc.
Resource 5
  • Resource: Baby Whales Drink Milk by Barbara Esbensen
  • URL/Publisher: Harper Collins
Resource 6
  • Resource: Humpback Whales by Susan Watson
  • URL/Publisher: Steck-Vaughn

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Opening:Review the KWl chart and ask students to share their favorite whale fact. What is the most important fact to you concerning (about) whales?

(5-10 min.)

Development:This will be introduced as a center activity. Let students know that they will be creating a collection of at least four whale facts in KidPix.

Remind them of the basic conventions and spelling directions (use their dictionaries, word wall, and environmental print) which are reviewed daily.

Use the teacher sample slideshow to demonstrate to children what is expected. The patterned format of the writing should be briefly pointed out as review. The teacher will later review the writing and write down any editing needs on a hard copy to be reviewed with the student if possible. Corrections to text may be done in subsequent lessons.

Closing:Students will be happy to know that future reading center activities will allow them to work on their pictures which match the text they will create.
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Ideas for extending the lesson:
Early finishers may read and review any materials

used in the study of whales. Encourage them to find facts that have been omitted from the KWL chart. They may make a slide show using anything unique they want to create on whales in any format they choose. Allow them to present it to the class.

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