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Lesson created by:

Heather Gonzalez-Rubio

from Mariposa Elementary
in Lancaster, CA

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Identifying, Spelling, and Reading Contractions
The students will be presented with a mini lesson on how to identify, read, and spell contractions. They will learn the spelling patterns required for identifying and spelling contractions correctly, as well as lear some irregularly spelled contractions. This will be done by having students work by themselves or with a partner on the computer using a HyperStudio stack (Contractions 2.0) that has the students identify, read, and spell the selected contractions correctly.
Grade Level: 1,2

Curricular Area:
Language Arts

Class Time Required:
30 minutes (Estimated)

Students in my classroom have had difficulty with writing and identifying contractions correctly. This lesson addresses Decoding and Word Recognition Standard 1.13 (Read compound words and contractions) and Written and Oral Language Conventions Standard 1.3 (Identify and correctly use contractions).

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Learning and Teaching Activities:
Students are to be presented with a mini lesson on how to identify and spell contractions correctly. The students are then to use this knowledge to identify and select the correct contraction from a group of contractions in the Contractions 2.0 HyperStudio stack. This is done independently or with a partner at the computer. Time for this lesson will vary depending on the number of computers you have in the classroom.

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Outcomes and Assessment:
Students will demonstrate the ability to read, spell, and identify the ten contractions presented in the lesson. Students will show evidence of understanding through informal assessment, district benchmark testing, and self assessment. Self assessment can be done by having the students return to the HyperStudio stack and having them record their answers on the record sheet (RecordSheet 2.0) before they make their selections. The students may then make their selection in the HyperStudio stack to see if their answers are correct.

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Materials Needed:
•MAC or PC



•A copy of RecordSheet 2.0 for each student

•Contractions 2.0 HyperStudio Stack

•Microsoft Word 97/98

•HyperStudio 3.0

•PowerPoint 98 (optional)

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Resource 1
  • Resource: Word 98
  • URL/Publisher: Microsoft
  • How Used: The program was used to create the recording sheet.
Resource 2
  • Resource: HyperStudio
  • URL/Publisher: Roger Wagner Publishing
  • How Used: This program was used to create the Contractions 2.0 stack and is used by the student during a large portion of the lesson.
Resource 3
  • Resource: PowerPoint 98
  • URL/Publisher: Microsoft
  • How Used: This program was used to create the presentation that explains the lesson to teachers.

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Opening:Read the students a big book that has a lot of contractions in it. Take the time to point out, and have the students point out the various contractions and what they mean on the page.
Development:Brainstorm a list of contractions and their meanings on the board. Discuss and model the different forms of contractions. Also, be careful to note any irregularly spelled contractions, and instruct students on how to use the Contractions 2.0 HyperStudio stack.
Closing:Have the students revisit the "Contractions" stack as a whole class and discuss the answers and any difficulties that they may have had with the contractions.
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Ideas for extending the lesson:
•Have students find contractions in print and circle them.

•Have students define the contractions that they have found in print or that are given to them by the teacher.

•Use the contractions in the HyperStudio stack as part of your spelling list.

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