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More Class Lessons for Technology in the Elementary Classroom - 2001

Hamburger Paragraphs
The lesson uses inspiration webs to compare a hamburger to a paragraph. After discussing the common attributes of both, students will construct their own inspiration web of a paragraph that contains a topic sentence, body of supporting details, and a conclusion sentence. Students will use the web to write a complete paragraph.
Grade Level: 6

Curricular Area:

Class Time Required:
one class period of 50 minutes. (Estimated)

The standard that addresses this challenge is Writing 2.11.4: The writing strategy is to demonstrate an understanding of discourse (e.g.form) when completing writing assignments.

Writing 2.1.5: Select a focus when writing.

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Learning and Teaching Activities:
Students are learning the content in order to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and opinions effectively. Students might have difficulty including a specific feeling in the topic and concluding sentence. Students are required to write a paragraph following an Inspiration web. Students are required to use Inspiration to create their web.

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Outcomes and Assessment:
Students will write a complete paragraph to demonstrate their knowledge of topic sentence, body containing supporting details, and concluding sentence.


3 Topic Sentence tells the subject and has a specific feeling or focus about the subject.

2 Topic Sentence tells the subject and there is no focus or specific feeling.

1 The subject and specific feeling or focus of the topic sentence are missing.

3 The body sentences all refer back to the subject.

2 Some of the body sentences refer back to the topic.

1 Few or none of the body sentences refer to the subject.

3 The concluding sentence states the subject and a specific feeling or focus about the subject.

2 The concluding sentence states the subject and has no focus or specific feeling.

1 The concluding sentence does not state the subject and does not have a specific feeling or focus about the subject.

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Materials Needed:
Computer, Inspiration, Microsoft Word, printer.

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Resource 1
  • Resource: Inspriation
Resource 2
  • Resource: Microsoft Word
Resource 3
  • Resource: Write Source 2000

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Opening:Discuss attributes of a delicious hamburger, which includes a variety of ingredients to make a flavorful, delicious sandwich. Point out that multiple ingredients increase the tastiness of the burger.
Development: Show Inspiration web on hamburger attributes.
Closing:Compare building, or making a hamburger to building a paragraph.

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Ideas for extending the lesson:
Show the Inspiration web on paragraphs. Start at the top and discuss each part of a paragraph. Show students how to go to Notes and Outline on Inspiration.

Discuss and read four types of paragraphs.

Ask students to pay attention to opening and closing sentences.

Ask students to look at the body of each type of paragraph.

Students should then choose a paragraph type to write.

Using Inspiration, students then design their own webs. Students write their own paragraphs, following their webs.

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