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Rosemary Remland
from Ocean View Elementary
in Whittier, CA

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More Class Lessons for Early Reading Success 2000

The Tortoise and The Hare--2nd Grade
After the teacher reads THE TORTOISE AND THE HARE to the class, stopping on page___, the students will listen to the Living Book of the story. They will also stop on page___. On the whiteboard, the teacher will record the students' possible solutions for the problem presented in the story. The teacher will select 3 prompts for the students to use for their writing. The students will select one prompt to write and illustrate a conclusion to their story. After the writing has been completed, the students will share their stories with the class.

The students are also to look for 5 new words that are unknown or descriptive to them that they would like to use in future writing.

Grade Level: 2

Curricular Area:
Reading and Writing

Class Time Required:
45 minutes (Estimated)

My students have consistently struggled with predicting outcomes and problem solving when reading a story. The standard that addresses this challenge is

Reading Comprehension

2.0 Students will read and understand grade-level-appropriate material.

2.6 Recognizing cause and effect relationships in text.

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Learning and Teaching Activities:
The students are learning to predict a reasonable solution to a problem.

The students will have sentences/illustrations that tell the ending of the story of THE TORTOISE AND THE HARE. They will be used on a Language Arts Bulletin Board in the classroom.

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Outcomes and Assessment:
The teacher will return to page___ of the story, and the students will compare their hand written endings to the actual ending of the story.

The students will be evaluated based on their writing and responses. Did their writing/responses reflect a possible and reasonable solution? These responses will be evaluated by the rubric used for the class.

The students will add vocabulary words to their "Personal Dictionaries" to be used in later writing.

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Materials Needed:


pencil, writing paper, drawing paper, crayons

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Resource 1
  • Resource: Living Books
  • URL/Publisher: RandomHouse/Broderbund Co.
  • How Used: Read Aloud Book

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